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From 24th of May to 10th of June 2009 : 

Morocco Classic OPEN TOUR


For bikes, side-cars and 4x4


Discovery tour of Morocco for All Terrain vehicles (conventional 4x4 and SUV) over quite easy tracks without trial-like portions, for bikes and sidecars roads are smaller local roads avoiding great axial roads.  Bikers will ride a short 8 km of very easy rolling track forward to and backward from the lodgings at Fort Bou Jerif.  The Morocco Open is a tourist walk with friends, without spirit of neither competition nor speed.  Included in the package are: Boat trip two ways including vehicle transportation and lodging in luxury cabin for 2 persons and full board.  All lodgings in "gîtes", hotels, bivouacs or tents and all evening meals (drinks excluded).  Souvenir gift, road book, light assistance on the spot.


Tariff in EUROS :  4x4 with driver:  1450 €.  Bike and driver: 1350 €, for all passengers:  1150 €.  Tariff sidecar same as 4x4.




From 12th to 20th of September 2009:

Sardinia – Corsica :  the Twin Islands !


For bikes and side-cars


Departure from Marseille by ferry of CMN, to Porto-Torres on Sardinia after a 16-hour voyage with a short stop at Propriano.  Arriving on Sardinia you will head direct to Olbia on the East coast and spend the first night here.  The next day we have a 200 km trip through Gennargentu towards the belvedere of Gavoi.  The third day is another 200 km to reach the East coast and the white sand beaches of Cabras.  In the afternoon of the 4th day we board the ferry at Sta Theresa who brings us to Bonifacio on Corsica, and after riding the beautiful coastal road we arrive at Coti-Chiavari and install our Corsican base camp.  Night at Coti.  The two following days we will make rides of 250 km, and come back to Coti.  On the evening of the 19th we board a CMN ferry at Bastia and arrive at Marseille the next morning, 20th of September.


Tariff in EUROS :  920 € per person half-board (drinks with evening meal included). Crossing by ferry included in seaside cabins of 2 persons and full board (drinks with meals included).



From 17th to 23d of October 2009: 

CMN Corsica Classic


For cars, bikes, and classical sidecars.


A Corsica trip for classic and modern-classic cars and bikes or even vintage vehicles.  You will board the ferry at Marseille on October 17th  19.00 hrs, and arrive in Corsica after a one night cruise (exterior cabins for 2, evening meal with wine and breakfast included).  We head at once to Hotel Belvedere at Coti Chiavari, see, establish our base camp and get rid of our luggage.  During the four following days we will ride every day a round trip of +/- 250 km, and so visit the greater part of Corsica.  The road books will be attended for.  We leave Coti Chiavari on October 22nd in the morning, and after a last trip board the ferry in the evening, back to Marseille (arrival next day 08.00 hrs).  Same travel conditions as in the way up.


Tariff in EUROS :  Bikes: 650 € p.p. half board (aperitif, wine and coffee included).   Cars and sidecars pay a surplus of 80 € for transportation cost. 




25th of October – 1st of November 2009: 

CMN Corsica Tour Open


For bikes and sidecars.


We will board the CMN ferry at Marseille. on October 25th 18.00 hrs, and after a nightly cruise arrive in Corsica (exterior cabins for 2, meal including wines and breakfast).  We head at once to Hotel Belvedere at Coti Chiavari (see establish our base camp and get rid of our luggage.  During the four following days we will ride every day a round trip of 250 up to 300 km, and so visit the greater part of the Isle of Beauty.  We leave Coti on 30th of October in the morning and at 18.30 hrs board again the ferry to Marseille.  Same travelling conditions as when coming up, arrival at Marseille the 1st of November early morning.


Tariff in EUROS :  650 € p.p. half board (aperitif, wine and coffee included).





25th of November – 6th of December 2009:


On the bike or 4x4 through the Argentine Andes


For bikes and 4x4 (rent on the spot)


Visit of Buenos-Aires, flight to Salta (North Argentina) followed by 11 days of riding the rented machines.  70% roads and 30% tracks without major difficulty over the duration of our stay.  The trip can be made by 4x4 too.

Return flight to Buenos-Aires.




For more details and tariffs please consult .  In case of reservation please mention as reference: "M.E.B."



IMPORTANT:   All of these events will be open to maximum 20 bikes (7 only in Argentina).  Our trips follow tarmac roads only (except specified otherwise before departure and Argentina’s trip).  All brands of bikes are admitted.



MEB (Motards en balade)  - Partnership under the law of 1901 – Pailhès – F30170 MONOBLET - France

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This programme was established with cooperation of MANDES TRAVEL EUROPE – 41 rue de l'Orme – F 77580 VOULANGIS – Travel agent license no LI 077 07 0001




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